LuvTub Wood Burning Hot Tub – 2 Person

Price: £4,155.00


Price includes VAT and Delivery

Perfect if you only have a small space. Easy and quick to heat with the included wood burner, this luxurious wood-fired hot tub is handcrafted from premium wood with stainless steel. Crafted from Thermowood.

A premier hot tub made using the best Thermowood famed for their extraordinary durability and resistance to decay.

"We installed a log fired Naked Flame Eco Tub this February and immediately saw a large increase in our bookings. Nearly all our guests love the Hot Tub and use it most evenings."

- Model Farm Country House

"All the new bookings were because of our new Hot Tub, what a fantastic investment!"

- Little Avalon

These tubs include; matching lid, steps, seats, drinks holder, paddle, heater, flue kit, flue protector and tool kit.

Optional extras are also available. We can supply large steps, corner steps, one-piece decorative tops, semi-internal heater, stove glass window, matching footbath and plastic or fibreglass lining.

Thermowood has a very low coefficient of expansion so unlike soft wood that has not been treated, it does not shrink, swell or warp excessively even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature and moisture. It will last 20+ years without the need for additional wood protectant.

This hot tub is very economical to heat, and of course very beautiful to look at.

The purchase of a LuvTub includes total support from booking and ordering to set up and aftercare. You and your customers will be completely satisfied and your guests will have an unforgettable experience when staying with you.