Tree Sub

Price: £110.00

  • Weight:4kg
  • Max. Capacity:100kg
  • Total Length (per rod): Approx. 165 cm

In the garden or when camping: you are always able to find ONE tree or ONE wall to fix on to. A second appropriate hanging point is often lacking. To address this, the solution is the Tree Sub™.

If there are no trees, use two Tree Subs™! The price here is for one.

The Tree Sub™ can be easily dismantled as there are no screws.

This is an easy system, providing perfect stability.

The waterproof ashwood frame is anchored in the ground with a ground peg – voilà, the second tree is ready and the hammock can be hung up.

Weight: 4kg
Max. Capacity: 100kg
Total Length (per rod): Approx. 165 cm