Our SoulPods are the ultimate glamping experience for campers who don’t want to leave the comfort of indoors behind when they enjoy some outdoors living. SoulPods serve as a home from home, fully insulated and double glazed, and built to maximise space while enhancing your comfort.

Whether you are an individual looking to customise the perfect ‘Pod’, or a holiday park or campsite owner looking to provide guests with attractive accommodation, SoulPods are an affordable solution that still provides plenty of luxurious potential. 


Glamping Pods to Buy

The demand for high-quality glamping experiences in scenic locations has boomed over the last few years and shows no sign of waning, so every glamping site operator needs to make sure they are maximising their footfall and profitability not just this summer but for the fast-approaching 2022 as well.

The ideal solution already exists with our stylish and top quality SoulPods which provide an extremely lucrative return without any comprehensive planning.

Our complete SoulPod design, supply and installation package includes a consultation period, where your unique glamping pod design and installation needs are discussed and finalised with our experts. Once your bespoke specifications have been confirmed, we move onto a planning period where the planning permission for the pods is taken care of. We then enter a build phase, which, if required, includes any groundwork and the hooking up to water, electricity and sewerage.

We also make allowances for you to cover any aspect of the build and installation work yourself should you prefer, as our packages can be modified to cater for your exact requirements and budget. 

We also provide financing options for your glamping pod investment so you can purchase the pods you need ahead of the booking rush and grow your glamping site with these hugely lucrative, profitable products.


Inside our Glamping Pods

Our SoulPods can be tailored for your individual needs, be it for a quirky office at the site, or a series of self-contained pods featuring a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, neatly divided for convenient and cosy accommodation for two. 

The pods are made in the UK using the highest spec of materials, but unlike other glamping pods, they are not available in kit form. Instead, we provide the whole package regardless of what interior design you choose.

There are various customisable options for the SoulPods, though all pods will include lockable double-glazed windows embedded in the fully insulated wall panels. Each pod has internal lights and an external light, plus electrical sockets are installed with supply connection points. Every pod is also fitted with its own smoke alarm.


En-suite Glamping Pods

While many glampers enjoy having a more traditional camping experience using shared facilities, the en-suite pods are for those particular campers who like just a little more luxury even when glamping. The en-suite SoulPods have fully functional fitted bathrooms, so these special guests don’t have to leave the comfort of the pod until they’re ready to face the great outdoors. 

For a significant number of holidaymakers, this is a very attractive option to see available when looking for their perfect glamping site.


Glamping Pod Layout

Starting with a steel galvanised base, SoulPods use wood sourced from sustainable

woodlands to create a homely appearance that will enhance any holiday experience.

The superior craftsmanship of the SoulPod design keeps the landscape looking

natural and unspoiled, with the pods themselves cosy and inviting.

Every SoulPod is built to the highest standards to ensure they always provide the

comfort and enjoyment each guest would expect from these most beautiful of

camping accommodation options. 

Our prices generally start at around £10,000, with purchase finance arrangements possible for our customers. 

For more information about SoulPods, call Sean on 07850 657964, or complete the below contact form.


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For more information about SoulPods, contact us on 07850 657964 or complete the below contact form and someone will get back to you.

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