Benefits of awnings in entertainment venues in the winter

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Benefits of awnings in entertainment venues in the winter
Published on: Nov 23 2021

Awnings, marquees and other temporary structures have been a lifeline for many hospitality and entertainment venues during the Covid-19 crisis. When indoor spaces were restricted, venues could make better use of outdoor space. But what happens in winter - will customers still want to sit outdoors? 

The good news for any venue owner wanting to maximise outdoor space during the colder months is that awnings are here to stay. They offer a huge number of benefits for customers, staff and performers too. Let’s take a look at just a few: 

 Essential rain cover 

One of the most obvious benefits of awnings in entertainment venues is protection from the rain. There are all sorts of applications where this will come in handy – from sheltering queuing punters to providing under-cover performance spaces.  

Awnings are particularly useful for last-minute weather emergencies, where the heavens open without warning. You don’t need to cancel an outdoor event on a rainy day – you can simply pop up your awning or stretch tent and the show can go on.    

Creating a cosy, atmospheric space 

Awnings have another major advantage in winter. With the right heating and lighting, they can be used to create a warm, welcoming performance or hangout space with bags of atmosphere. Stretch tents are ideal for this, especially when teamed with proper flooring, comfortable seating and lots of twinkling festoon lights.  

Extending the events calendar further into the year  

Ultimately, an outdoor structure like an awning or stretch tent gives you the chance to offer outdoor events long into the winter months. You don’t have to shut up shop and head back indoors when autumn ends. This can be critical for smaller venues without much indoor capacity. A sheltered, lit and heated space gives you the option to extend your events calendar, which means more revenue and happier punters.  

Get your setup right and your outdoor structure could even turn into a real talking point. It could even become a popular venue for winter weddings.  

How to get your winter awning setup just right 

• Choose your structure carefully. Think about how much space you have available to pitch it in, how many guests you want to accommodate and what kind of events you’ll hold in your awning or stretch tent.  

• Prioritise heating. Heating is absolutely essential if you want to pull off a cosy outdoor space. After all, no one wants to hang out for too long in a freezing tent in the middle of winter.  

• Get the atmosphere right. Once your outdoor space is warm and dry, it’s time to focus on creating the right look and feel. Take your time planning lighting, flooring, furniture and other decorative touches, to create a space that people want to spend time in. 

• Practice putting up your awning. After all, you might need to do it last minute if those rain clouds roll in unexpectedly.   


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