10 must-have items for camping cooking

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10 must-have items for camping cooking
Published on: Oct 16 2021

Ready to cook up a storm on your next camping trip? Here’s how to add a touch of glamping luxury to your setup, with our must-have cooking essentials: 

  1. Brazier


If you want the fabulous experience of cooking in the great outdoors, a brazier or fire basket is a must-have. It keeps your campfire off the ground, so you can use it pretty much anywhere.  


  1. Camping stove

Not every day is suitable for outdoor cooking, so invest in a compact, good quality camping stove for wet days. All you need is a single gas burner to boil water for hot drinks and to prepare simple hot meals.  


  1. Bon-fire Kitchen

This mobile kitchen kit is more than just a great BBQ. It’s also a stew pot and grill, for use over an open fire or brazier. Simply pop up the 3-leg stand around the heat source and choose your pot or pan – it’s also great fun to use.  


  1. Petromax Fire Kettle

If all you need for your trip is a lovely hot brew every morning, this portable fire kettle is ideal. It’s lightweight and compact, but it boils just the right amount of water in minutes. And you can use it anywhere, all you need is a tiny fire underneath – there’s no need to plug anything in.  


  1. Petromax Loaf Pan

Bet you didn’t think you could bake bread or cakes while camping! Well now you can, thanks to this handy piece of cast iron cooking kit. You can use your new loaf pan on the campfire for baking, or even use it as a casserole or roasting dish. And the lid has its own feet, so you can turn it upside down and use the ridged surface for grilling steaks. 


  1. BBQ Bucket

If high-tech gadgets aren’t for you, why not keep things simple? The BBQ bucket is a classic design for fun outdoor cooking, with a sturdy shell to hold the coals, air holes at the bottom and a grid on top for cooking on.  


  1. Coffee percolator

It’s gadgets like this that mark the difference between camping and glamping. If you miss your quality coffee while camping, this is the accessory for you. Coffee percolators can be used on small open fires, on the BBQ or camping stove.  


  1. Utensils and essentials

So far, we’ve looked at the bigger pieces of kit for camping cooking. But the smaller accessories are just as important. If you’re packing light, here’s what you need to have as a minimum: 

  • A sharp knife
  • A set of cutlery each, including spoon
  • Tongs and skewers – for outdoor cooking
  • Wooden spoon
  • Can opener, bottle opener and corkscrew 
  • Dishcloth and tea towel - for washing up
  • Large water container
  • A plate, bowl and mug each


  1. Bonfire cover

If you need to leave your campfire out for the next night, you can use a tipi cover to keep it from getting wet. As a side bonus, it also helps your campsite look tidier.   


  1. Carbon monoxide alarm

Last but perhaps most importantly, a crucial safety item. If you’ll be doing any kind of cooking indoors, or using a wood-burning stove, make sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm and test it regularly.  


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